UIL Results

Congratulations to the following students on their success at the Joshua UIL Academic Invitational Meet.
Team Awards
2nd Place Overall School
Current Events and Issues
Team Champions (Aaron Wilder, Mikaela Walden, Jax Davis, Victoria Hill, Sierra Hill)
Team Champions (Dayton Eagle, Ben Landon, Amanda Wince, Jordan McDade)
Social Studies
2nd Place Team (William Jackson, Sierra Hill, Jax Davis)
Individuals Awards
Dayton Eagle
1st Science, Chemistry, Physics, Math
3rd Place Number Sense
Ingrid Alberding
1st Literary Criticism
3rd Ready Writing
Aaron Wilder
1st Current Events
Ben Landon
1st Computer Applications, Tied for 2nd Place Science
Amanda Wince
Tied for 2nd Place Science, 6th Place Math
Jordan McDade
3rd Place Science
Mikaela Walden
4th Place Current Events and Issues
William Jackson
​5th Place Social Studies