Swim Team Tryouts

The swim team held tryouts the week before school started. We are proud to announce the following swimmers have made the team:


Co-Captain Payton Brown

Co-Captain Kelly Center

Abigail Brown

Ethan Brown

Amelia Flug

Isara Galoob

Tiffany Graham

Cason Griffin

Jack Hotchkiss

James Miller

Colton Page

Sean Wolfe

Aaliyah Young


Gabriel Bustillos

Jared Engelhardt

Hunter Fason-Caudle

Abby Gillis

Jaden Griffin

Brenndan Hicks

Vegas Jankowski

Nicho Jesel

Samuel Kough

Alexis Lathe

Rylan Lux

Lexi Melia

Nathan Melia

Destiny Morris

Gabi O’Rourke

Amy Wolfe