Students may pick up exemption forms from House offices beginning Friday, May 10th. Students may turn in forms to the House offices beginning Monday, May 13th and until 4:20 p.m. on Thursday, May 16th. Students will not be let out of class to go to the house office to get a form. Students should handle this during passing periods or before/after lunch. Each grade level will have a different color form that has the maximum amount of exemptions possible for each grade level: 9th = 1; 10th = 2; 11th = 3; 12th = 4.

Exemptions can still be taken away if a student falls out of compliance once the form is turned in.

1. Guidelines are listed at the top of the student forms. Students must have an 80 or above for the semester average and no more than 2 absences for that class.

2. All Excused (E) & Unexcused (U) absences count. (D12=UIL, T=Tardy, M33= College Visit, M20= Religious D10=Field Trip (and funerals) do not count against their exemptions.

3. If a student has been in ISS, Suspended, or DAEP (RightTurn), even 1 day, they are not eligible for exemptions (Those are identified at “I”, “S”, “Y”, and “R”).

4. Students are required to attend classes in which they are exempt on examination days. An exemption is an exam exemption and not an attendance exemption. If a student is absent on exam day, that absence does count against exemptions.

5. Once forms are turned in there will be no changes, except in the event of a loss of exemption due to absences, grades, ISS, etc.

6. Choice of exemptions MUST be complete at the time form is turned in.

7. There MUST be a parent signature on the form regardless of the student’s age.

8. Forms must be completed and turned in by Thursday, May 16th @ 4:20 p.m., including all signatures. No late forms will be accepted. Exemption questions should be directed to your House Office.