District UIL Academics Results

Congratulations to the  following students for their success at District UIL Academics

These students are advancing to Regionals or are alternates for Regionals which will be help at Prosper High School on April 7th and 8th.


1st place science team

Dayton Eagle 1st place

Nicholas Stockton 2nd place

Khang Pham 3rd place

Amanda Wince 4th Place


Top Physics

Dayton Eagle 1st place

Khang Pham 2nd place alternate


Top Chemistry

Nick Stockton 1st place

Khang Pham 2nd place alternate


Top Biology

Jarrod Gardner 3rd place alternate


Social studies

Jessica Wager 2nd place


Headline writing

Nithure Rema 3rd place



Dayton Eagle 3rd place


Ready writing

Peyton Hudak 5th 2nd alternate


In addition, our Regional Qualifiers for Speech and Debate are


Ben Reckart 2nd Lincoln Douglas

Samantha Dunagan-Tuenge 2nd Poetry

Brittany Jones 4th Poetry 1st alternate

Maddison Wright 4th Persuasive Speaking 1st alternate

Emroy Harris 5th Prose 2nd alternate

Eric Grizzle 5th LD