BHS Gaming Club

Attention epic gamers who want to win cash for playing video games: this week begins the BHS Gaming Club so that we can compete at various gaming qualifiers. For now, we will be focusing on Smash Brothers, and will be attending a BISD-only Smash Brothers competition at the Arlington eSports Stadium and at the DreamHack Dallas competition in May. And yes, there’s money for the winners. We’ll also be playing some Fortnite as well. The BHS Gaming Club will begin our meetings this week, and meetings will be every Thursday from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. If you have any interest or just want info, come to Mr. Rudd’s classroom this Thursday at 4:30pm. Mr. Rudd is in the ElkTV studio, which is Room 171, between ROTC and Ag. Click Here for more information.