2015-2016 Yearbook Recognized

The 2015/16 The Elk yearbook was recognized as being in the top 4% of kindergarten – collegiate yearbooks in the nation this week. Work highlighting the accomplishments of the 2015/16 yearbook staff has been published in the 2017 Yearbook of Yearbooks recognition book. Members of the 2015/16 staff include current seniors Rebekah Andress, Elizabeth Keen, Madison Mahan, Rachel Michelin and Brooke Vandine; juniors Brenten Johnson and Kassidy Johnston and 2016 Graduates Vanessa Castañeda, Jewelee Peterson, Shawn Robles, Brooke Simms, Miranda Tatum, Adrienne Tran and Aaron Wilder. Please congratulate these students on their hard work and dedication to last year’s book.